Feeling and thinking with your heart

Learning how to enter into a high coherence state essentially means you are in control of your emotional response to stressors. Our physiology is designed to be flexible so that we are able to work through environmental challenges (internally and externally), and a large part of this flexibility is found in HRV. To be able to fully take advantage of the body’s physiological flexibility means cultivating an awareness and practice to support it. This often means our learned and automatic emotional responses can be managed and changed with HRV Biofeedback training.

Most importantly, from the brain’s perspective, when you are able to respond to challenges from a high coherence state, the brain minimizes its emotional overdrive. Areas of the brain responsible for initiating the “fight, flight, or freeze” stress response are dimmed. This allows the parts of the brain that are responsible for processing more demanding solution-focused decisions to light up and take control. This is crucial for any situation that demands maintaining emotional stability, focused delivery, and a balanced perspective.

HeartMath’s digital health products offer both monitoring and training so you can easily and effectively manage stress and re-balance your mind and emotions. Transform feelings of stress, anger, anxiety and frustration into more peace, clarity and vitality.

Inner Balance with Lightning Connector

Use with your iPhone or iPad to achieve better focus, reduced stress, and a more positive emotional state. Inner Balance app and sensor for IOS is for use with newer iOS devices including the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad Air.

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